Power Selling Pros Is Where Contractors Go For Customer Service Coaching:

We Coach Your CSRs, Technicians & Comfort Advisors to Win More Customers For Life

Over 300 Contractors are Enrolled in Our Coaching Programs.

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We can help you with

CSR Coaching

We coach your CSRs one-on-one, twice a month, to book more calls & WOW more customers

SALES CONFIDENCE Coaching for Technicians

We coach your technicians & comfort advisors one-on-one to out-serve the competition so you can have the confidence to charge full price


We’ve written two books – Pattern for Excellence: Engage Your Team to WOW More Customers & Patterned After Excellence: Pursuing Truth in Work & Life – you can order them on Amazon.


We’d love to come to your office or event for an inspiring and practical day of on-site training.


“We have the best CSR team in our area and we owe it to Power Selling Pros.”
Price Heating & Cooling
“Power Selling Pros has helped us book so many more calls… we have a 95%+ booking rate.”
Shanklin Heating & Air
"Everybody should be calling Power Selling Pros. It's definitely increased our booking rate & customer retention."
Gulf Shore Heating & Cooling
“We are experiencing record sales and service numbers…”
Logan A/C Heat Services
“Since we’ve been working with PSP our booking percentage has gone from 39% to 83%.”
Premier Comfort Services
How it works?

How Our Coaching Programs Work:

It all starts with a single first step.

This isn’t a circus. Power Selling Pros doesn’t just roll into town one morning, put on a show and then high-tail it out of there. Our philosophy is that training is useless without accountability. After we coach, after we train, after we inspire your team to champion the sales and customer service experience, we have a call monitoring team that listens to your people’s calls, plays it back for them and continues the coaching long after the final whistle is blown. We do this, again and again, making it impossible for your CSRs and Technicians to not improve.

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Kickoff Training
We start with either a virtual or in-person team Kickoff Training to set expectations, inspire your team and leave them knowing HOW to take their performance to the next level.
Initial Strategy Call
Next, we hold an Initial Strategy Call to align our ongoing coaching strategy with your top goals and priorities.
One-On-One Coaching
After that, we coach each of your team members one-on-one, twice a month, in 30-minute coaching sessions, holding them accountable to results.
Monthly Progress Calls
Finally, we hold a monthly progress call with you to ensure you're seeing the results you want and working on your team's most important growth areas.

Why do we do what we do?To Serve the Service-Minded.

It's no longer enough to "do the job" the customer hired you for. You have to "WOW" them. You have to build a relationship of understanding, empathy and generosity. If you don't, they'll give their loyalty to someone else...



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