Customer Service Coaching for The Trades

Because customers want to be completely blown away by your service.

Customer Service is Not a Department, It's a Mindset.

This isn't a circus. And neither are you.

Power Selling Pros doesn’t just roll into town one morning, put on a show and then high-tail it out of there. Our philosophy is that training is useless without accountability. After we train, after we inspire your team to champion the sales and customer service experience, we have a call monitoring team that listens to your people’s calls, plays it back for them and continues the coaching long after the final whistle is blown. We do this, again and again, making it impossible for your CSRs and technicians to not improve.

And you’re not a circus either. Customers should buy from you not once, not twice… 



Nothing compares to the type of learning and improvement that happens in a one-on-one setting.


Knowing you'll be reporting to someone who cares about your growth every two weeks makes it virtually impossible to not get better.


These aren't lectures... these are relevant, customized coaching conversations that strike at the heart of what your people need to do to grow your business.


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Our Programs

Everyone needs a coach. Click the descriptions below to explore our Coaching Programs.

CSR Coaching

AMAZE your customers, align your team and make more money.

Technician & Comfort Advisor Coaching

Sell more systems and increase your revenue.

Management Coaching

Turn followers into leaders and coach your managers to inspire your people.

Owner Coaching

Learn to delegate important work, gain freedom and go on that vacation you've been putting off.

CSR Recruiting

We write the ads, vet the candidates and get you AMAZING CSRs.

Training Classes

They're easily the most engaging in the industry.


How IMS Heating & Cooling Adopted "Extreme Customer Service" To Grow the Business and Align Their Whole Team


How Morrison Plumbing, Heating & Air Books 90% of Their Calls with Personalized CSR Coaching

Over 300 Contractors Are Out-Serving The Competition with Power Selling Pros

"Our current call conversion runs about 98%. That's allowed us to put a performance program that pays the CSRs more for their call conversion. They really, really love that. It pays them more and keeps our costs down." (CLICK ANDREW'S NAME TO WATCH HIS TESTIMONIAL)
"I can tell you that literally nine out of 10 calls are getting booked. And our CSRs, they're just generally happier." (CLICK BUDDY'S NAME TO WATCH HIS TESTIMONIAL)

Do you smell smoke?

You should. We walk in your shop with a can of gasoline and a box of matches, stuff your scripts in an overflowing waste bin and start a fire. The Office style. Not literally. But, we do burn your scripts because we love you and know it’s what’s best for you. By burning the scripts we make room for a little something called “instinct”. We teach the folks selling and serving and leading at your company to be adaptable and nimble in the hundreds of situations where a customer goes off script.

It’s the bullet-proof combination of instinct, one-on-one accountability coaching and people who care that sets the world’s best Home Service Contractors apart from the rest.