3 Ways You Can Use Software to Improve Customer Service and Motivate CSRs

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Today’s blog post is contributed by Lawrence Lloyd from ServiceTitan, the all-in-one field service solution software for home services companies.

Being a customer service representative in the home services industry isn’t easy. CSRs have to delight customers and deliver exceptional customer support just when the customer is at their most vulnerable moment — when they are reaching out for help. World-class customer support goes beyond simply coaching CSRs with better language and tactics. This is where business management software comes in. Although it can help streamline operations and grow revenue, software is also a key tool in delivering fantastic customer support from the first phone call all the way through to completing a job. And it starts with the customer’s first point of contact — the CSR. Read on for three ways that business management software improves customer service and helps you motivate your CSRs.

1. Gamification

Imagine a dashboard that ranks CSRs based on how many leads they received, how many of those leads were converted to booked jobs, and the corresponding percentage. This information gives a business the opportunity to “gamify” performance among CSRs and guide them towards personal achievements that contribute to the business and to their own success. CSRs with the best call conversion rates are going to want to maintain their position at the top. Likewise, those who aren’t doing as well will be motivated to climb the ranks. Either way, CSRs will be motivated to perform at their highest level.

2. Increased Accountability and Opportunities for Coaching

No one enjoys hearing what they did wrong, but having crucial conversations about how to deal with specific scenarios can be quite helpful for CSRs. Best-in-class business management software integrates with a company’s phone system to track and log all calls, which means that managers can click into any cancelled or unsold job to listen to call recordings and find out what happened. For business owners, this phone integration offers an opportunity to coach or retrain employees if call conversion rates are dipping. CSRs no longer have to dread those annual employee reviews if they are receiving frequent, ongoing feedback on how to approach and handle certain scenarios as they arise — nor do they have to guess what they did wrong. Feedback can be both specific and timely, improving both CSR performance and the bottom line.

3. By Treating Customers Like VIPs

Another benefit of phone integration is that it enables CSRs to see customer information, including the complete customer history, while on the phone. The availability of this information helps CSRs better tailor the customer interaction and treat callers like VIPs. They can skip the banal questions like “Where did you hear about us?” or “How do you spell that street name again?” and focus on why the customer called in the first place. The customer history may also contain notes from a previous job that indicate ongoing problems with a particular piece of equipment. Recalling this knowledge or asking about other known issues helps the CSR build rapport with the customer and have a better understanding of potential issues.

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Stay tuned for our next blog post, which will give you some ideas on even more ways to use phone data to help your CSRs be more effective.

Lawrence from ServiceTitan