5 Things You Need In A CSR Training Program!

What would you do if you realized your call center were missing out on 40% of your phone calls?

That’s the average percentage of calls CSRs in our industry are missing. Why?

Lack of positive energy, lack of confidence, too concerned with where the customer is located and the dispatch fees, lack of empathy, and they are taking orders instead of creating value. These are some of the reasons we lose our customers!

The bottom line is this: your CSRs need to be trained to handle phone calls just like your technicians need to be trained to fix systems! CSR training should have the following:

  1. A Clear Purpose
  2. Structure
  3. True Principles
  4. Accountability
  5. Consistency

A coaching program should have a clear purpose. When your CSRs are given a clear, achievable and challenging purpose, you can help them achieve more than they ever have!  To get money is not a purpose… it’s a result, and it fuels your company in its efforts to achieve its purpose! The purpose should be simple and inspiring: Book More Calls and WOW More Customers.

A coaching program should have structure; a series of lessons designed to lead the CSR down a path to create WOW experiences. It should not be a mere reflection of how we did in our calls last time and how we can do better, it should be a structured approach that lays a strong foundation for understanding and then builds on that foundation over time with specific steps.

A coaching program should teach true principles of effectiveness and communication.  Scripts and selling systems can only get you so far. If they don’t work even one time, a CSR will lose faith in them. CSRs should be taught principles with a wide variety of applications, and then be given the autonomy to act on those principles once they internalize them. Your CSRs can book ANY CALL if they act on principles they know and believe in – even if the customer called you on accident!

A coaching program should include accountability. CSRs should be accountable to a coach on a regular basis to ensure that progress is being made, and that the CSR is being fulfilled by the work they do. Improvement comes quicker when they are accountable to a coach.

A coaching program should have consistency. Professionals across the world in all occupations recognize that for there to be great progress, there needs to be consistency.  The most successful dynasties in professional sports credit much of their success to continuity. Every day CSRs should practice, look back on their previous performance by listening to their calls, set achievable goals to reach for, and aspire to improve. We are striving to achieve progress, not perfection.

At Power Selling Pros, we come out to your company in person to do an in-person initial training where we establish a vision and clear purpose for coaching. Our coaches meet with each of your CSRs one-on-one over the phone, twice a month, to teach them our structured lessons and lead them through our CSR certification program. The lessons are based on true principles with an infinite amount of applications and give the CSRs the power to autonomously act within their responsibilities. CSRs are held accountable to their bi-weekly goals and are tested at the end of each level to ensure progress, and coaching is on-going to ensure continued success and quality assurance.


Zac Garside