Avoid Being Convicted Guilty Without a Fair Trial

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Building Trust and Confidence

When a client becomes angry or frustrated with your company it is never good.

This is especially upsetting when the client perceives that your company might be questioning your company’s integrity.

When something goes wrong (Especially with a new client who is not very familiar with your organization) some clients can fly off the handle.

 Why is this?

To understand you have to put yourself in the client’s shoes.

First off, when the client is upset it usually means that something has occurred that is not in alignment with their expectations.

This may or may not be your fault.

If it is a freak occurrence, then it might not be. If it is a common issue that occurs that they were unaware of, you might want to adjust your pre-job communication.

Either way, the level of their negative reaction will be determined by their suspicion of two things:

  1. Are you incompetent?
  2. Or are you a criminal?

Of course YOU know that your company is neither of these. But the unfamiliar client does not.

This can be very difficult to comprehend when we are considering this in our own business. We are so caught up in how hard we are working for the client, and how much we personally care about pleasing the client that we cannot see that our actions may not reflect that, and can actually cause the client to be wary.

To help illustrate this I my video shares a recent experience I had with a service provider, and how that experience went from horrible to exceptional with the use of the Pattern for Excellence.

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