How to Use Call Recordings to Recognize and Encourage High- Performing CSRs

As we mentioned in our previous guest blog post , having the ability to go back and listen to phone calls provides servicetitan logovaluable training opportunities for CSRs. No one enjoys hearing what they did wrong, but sometimes the most difficult conversations are the most important ones to have in order to become more effective. But what if the calls were also used to accentuate the positive? Coaching moments that incorporate positivity can help employees become even more effective — research from a variety of sources indicates that positive feedback is even more crucial than negative feedback at work.

Individual Discussion

It turns out that software can be a great tool for capitalizing on feedback and coaching opportunities. Many savvy business owners who have software capable of call tracking and recording use these features to discuss with their CSRs particular customer interactions that need improvement. But a manager can also review calls with individual CSRs to give them positive encouragement. As much as we all love our customers, let’s face it — there are occasions when they aren’t pleasant over the phone.

Let’s say a returning customer gets testy with Noel, one of your CSRs, because a new piece of equipment that your business previously installed isn’t calibrated correctly. As the frontline responder, Noel is tasked with dealing with the customer in a friendly and efficient manner. It’s not an easy task, but Noel is empathetic and able to calm the customer down, assess the problem, and dispatch a technician almost immediately. Noel’s success may get overlooked because the problem was resolved. But reviewing these kinds of calls with CSRs is a great opportunity for positive reinforcement — in this example, Noel’s manager can praise her for not raising her voice when the customer was screaming over the phone and not losing her cool even when the customer started cursing. The positive feedback can help guide future interactions with angry homeowners, because Noel is confident she’s handling these types of calls in the proper way.

Team Discussion

The entire call-handling team can benefit from the same kind of encouraging feedback. Use the same phone call that Noel so artfully resolved with minimal fuss and showcase it as an example to all CSRs at the company. Underscore the importance of providing superior customer service to all customers, even those having bad days. Highlight Noel’s empathy as she put herself in the shoes of the customer. Identify several points during the call where the conversation could’ve gone south — but didn’t, because Noel was on her game at every step. Not only does Noel get public recognition for her work, but the whole team gets pointers on how to handle certain types of calls. And it’s not just the team that benefits from this knowledge sharing — customers do too.

Software can make past phone calls accessible with just a couple clicks. More importantly, it creates an easy way to use ordinary data — a phone call with an angry customer — to engage the entire team on the best ways to delight customers and acknowledge some of the inherent challenges in being a CSR. Business management platforms offer a host of other benefits, but one that offers call tracking and recording can be a boon for business owners who want their call-handling teams to be as effective as possible.

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Lawrence from ServiceTitan