Let’s Talk About Results

ServiceTitan is back to share findings from the recent call performance survey, and also to do a little name-dropping (in this case, our two randomly chosen survey raffle winners). Overall, survey respondents are well on their way to providing superior customer service, but there are a couple of areas where there’s some room for improvement. Let’s jump right in, shall we? Here are three key takeaways:

  • Automatic customer history is now standard operating procedure.

An astounding 100% of respondents work at companies where CSRs can pull up customer information automatically during a call. That’s great! This is one of the key drivers of customer satisfaction. As ServiceTitan’s CEO Ara Mahdessian recently told ACHR News, “imagine if customer service representatives [CSRs] were equipped with customer information such as service history, installed equipment, notes, pictures, previous home inspections, and account notes. If your team members have this information, they can better address the customers’ needs.” This approach is apparently paying dividends.

  • Gamifying CSR performance is not.

However, nearly one-third of you don’t have a method for your CSRs to compare their performance with that of their peers. The ability to compare performance has some benefits that should not be ignored. As we mentioned in one of our previous posts, having a leaderboard — whether on a whiteboard or computer screen — gives a business the chance to “gamify” performance and make it a friendly competition. This helps guide CSRs toward personal achievements that contribute to both the business’ and their own success. Plus, if some CSRs are struggling but they see other colleagues excelling, the struggling CSRs can consult those with higher conversion rates to learn how they are keeping customers happy.

  • Calls are being recorded, but often not reviewed.

An overwhelming majority of respondents record CSR calls, which has become standard in many parts of the service industry. Not only does this keep CSRs accountable for their interactions with customers, but it also gives the business a record of how things happened in case issues arise later, among other benefits. But 50% of you do not listen to those calls regularly. As we discussed in the last post, call recordings can be useful in a variety of ways. They provide outstanding coaching opportunities for CSRs who need a little help or appear to be unsure how to handle particular requests. Call recordings can also be used to dole out positive feedback when CSRs have gone above and beyond to assuage upset customers. Simply put, they can have tremendous value.

Finally, we’d like to give a shoutout to our survey winners. Melissa Gotter of Schaal Heating and Cooling and Sara Giles of Blue Sky Plumbing have each won a $100 Amazon gift card for taking our quick survey. Congratulations!

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Until next time,

Lawrence from ServiceTitan