Remember to Be Grateful – Happy Thanksgiving!

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One of my best friends started the month of November with an activity for her two boys. They cut out their little hand prints (like we used to do when making turkeys in kindergarten). Each day, they chose a new colored feather and wrote something on it that they were grateful for and glued it to their individual turkey cut-out. Their adorable little hand prints grew throughout the month of November into big colorful turkeys, each feather representing something to be grateful for. What a great lesson to those little kids as well as to all of us, old and young, to be appreciative for the miracles of each day. Gratitude is being thankful for all of the big things, and also noticing the small simple pleasures in life. Gratitude helps us focus on what we have, not what we lack. The more we develop this mindset of gratitude, the more abundance we will see come into our lives. Giving thanks helps us to be happier in our daily life, it strengthens our relationships, and ultimately creates an attitude that is more resilient to the negativity of today’s world. Let us focus more during this Thanksgiving time on the small things in life- that we can see, hear, walk, or talk. That we have food, a house, or a car. That we can buy gifts for our kids, families, or friends. That we have the technology to talk to those we love who live far way. That we have health, freedom, or love. Let us all make our own little Thanksgiving turkeys and feathers and focus on the good, and soon watch as our lives begin to rise.
Erica Leonor
Power Coach

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