Give First to Create WOW Experiences – Happy Holidays!

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We give first to create WOW Experiences and build long-term relationships.  

The fifth principle of our Pattern for Excellence, a framework for learning best practices in phenomenal customer service, is “Say Yes: Give Beyond Expectation.”  We believe in the value of giving first to create a WOW experience and build a long term relationship.  We give without expecting anything in return and, as a result, the returns are greater than anything we could have imagined.

As a matter of fact, it was this very principle that our entire company was founded upon!

Brigham was working in advertising when one of his clients wanted to let him go.  They insisted the leads he was attracting were no good because all they wanted was a ball park price!  (sound familiar?)  When the owner of the company realized that the real issue was his call handling team that was not able to book the incoming calls, Brigham decided to say “YES” and give without expecting anything in return.  He offered to teach the call handlers how to book those difficult calls!

What started as simply a way to give a little more to the company he was working with soon became an entirely new company.  A company that, today, coaches nearly 600 CSRs in three countries for over 200 companies.

We believe firmly that one of the keys to fulfillment in life and in work is to give freely to those around you.  Give of your time, talents, effort, and attention to improve the lives of the people around you.  Give your customers your undivided care and attention.  Give the people you work with what you can to help them succeed in their responsibilities.

Say yes, focus on what you can do to help, and give beyond expectation.

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