HOW You Will Achieve Your Goals in 2018!

It’s time to start a new year!  2018 is upon us and with it comes the opportunity to set new goals and reach new heights.  And, as you begin to set these new goals and reach for new heights, you may be wondering “HOW?”  Exactly HOW do you achieve your loftiest aspirations?  HOW do you finally lay hold on those goals that have eluded you for so many years?

A few years ago, we were in a similar bind here at Power Selling Pros.  We were coaching about 350 CSRs for several years and could not seem to grow any further.  It was like we had run into an unscalable wall in our journey to empower people to win the moment and WOW their customers.  Our Owner and President, Brigham Dickinson, sought to figure out exactly what he needed to do to get past this wall.  So, he hired a coach: Johny Covey, nephew of the late Stephen R. Covey.

Brigham paid Johny $4,000 a month for his mentoring so that he could find answers and finally get past 350 CSRs.  Every Monday, they got together in Brigham’s home, turned off their phones, and sought answers.  It went something like this:

“What do you want Brigham?”

“I want to have one of the best coaching and training companies out there?”  

“So how are you going to do that?”

“Well, I’m going to hold my team more accountable…”  

“How are you going to do that?”

“Well, I’m going to communicate with them better…”  

“How are you going to do that?”

And so it went on… How? How? How? HOW?

At first, this did not make any sense to Brigham!  He thought “I’m paying YOU to give me the answers!  How is this going to help me?”  But, with time, Johny helped Brigham discover the answers himself by asking him HOW…. again, and again, and again.

Eventually, Johny and Brigham came to the conclusion that if Brigham wanted to take Power Selling Pros to places it had never been, he would need to take steps he had never taken.  So, per Johny’s recommendation, he took his two best coaches OUT OF COACHING.  That’s right.  He took them out of full-time coaching and assigned them to be Coach Mentors.  Now it became their job to monitor and coach the other coaches.  At first it seemed like a crazy idea to Brigham.  “Pull my two BEST coaches out of coaching?”  But, the results have been phenomenal.  Now, instead of having a couple of great coaches, Power Selling Pros has an entire team of nearly twenty great coaches.

As more areas of needed improvement were identified, the same process was followed to find solutions in those areas: ask HOW, and keep asking HOW until you can’t possibly answer it any further.

Brigham learned a powerful lesson in all this.  A powerful lesson that has helped guide Power Selling Pros from coaching 350 CSRs to nearly 600 in just two years: You are your own worst enemy.  But, you are also your greatest hero.  You are the one who keeps you from being great, and as you step into 2018 with ambitions and goals to strive for, ask yourself HOW.  HOW will you do it?  HOW will you better serve those around you?  And keep asking yourself HOW until it is crystal clear to you what your next steps should be.  If you do that, and do it with the intent of serving people and creating a better experience for everyone around you, you will achieve remarkable things in 2018.

“The great thing about life, is that as long as we’re not dead, we can get up.  We can get up, we can dust ourselves off again, and again, and again until we succeed.  So when I say you’re the enemy, you are.  But you’re also the hero…”