Do your customers LIKE you?

Here is a question you and your team need to answer: do our customers LIKE us?  If not, why?  And how do we create likability?

Coreena is a customer service representative (CSR) for her company, Schuler Service, in eastern Pennsylvania.  She received a call during the fall of 2017 from a customer that had a severe water leak.  They had recently finished remodeling their kitchen with gorgeous new countertops and pristine cabinets.  Now, a leak from the ceiling above the kitchen was threatening to destroy all the work that had been done.

The customer was distraught and needed help immediately!  This couldn’t wait!  Many CSRs might tell the customer we are booked solid and there’s nothing we can do until our schedule clears up… but not Coreena.

Coreena is service minded and wants to ensure that the customer has an amazing experience with us no matter what our availability is.  “It’s going to be alright” she says reassuringly.  She did what she could and got a technician out there within two hours.

Once the technician arrived, however, there was no leak.  They couldn’t seem to find the source of it or duplicate it!  They tried turning on all the faucets in the upstairs bathroom, they tried splashing water out of the bath tub and onto the floor.  But still, nothing.

Coreena sent another estimator out to the home after the first technician was unable to figure it out, but they still could not identify the source of the leak or duplicate it.

What did Coreena do next?  Did she abandon the customer?  Tell them to call someone else?  Let them know there was nothing they could do?  NO.  Coreena remained loyal to the customer and stuck with them for TWO WEEKS.

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Do your customers LIKE you?

Every day for two weeks, the customer would call in to update Coreena on the situation, and they would make a plan for how they were going to attempt to expose the source of the leak.  One day they would plan to flush all the toilets multiple times, the next they would run all the faucets on the house, the next they would splash the rim of the tub to see if that was the source.

Throughout this process, Coreena described their relationship more like a friendship.  They were “buddies” to her.  Their conversations were about more than just the leak, they began to ask the other what they were having for breakfast, make jokes, and talk about the small details of their lives.  It was finally discovered that water was leaking from behind the faucet!

Once they discovered the issue, a technician came out to repair the situation and patch the ceiling.  But that wasn’t the end of the relationship…

At the heart of customer service is likability

You see, the customer not only trusted that Coreena and her team would get the issue resolved, the customer LIKED Coreena and her team as people.  The customer became loyal because Coreena made her feel important and cared about – something the customer described as “rare.”

Within about a week of them finally getting the issue resolved, the customer decided to pay Coreena a visit at work.  While driving past Schuler Service, they stopped by the office so that they could meet the CSR who had stuck by their side for the last two weeks.  They wanted to put the face to the voice.  The experience with Coreena and the whole Schuler Service team was so exceptional that the customer put forth the effort to meet them in person!

THAT, is a WOW Experience.  This was more than just good customer service – this was a world-class customer experience.

So, I ask you again: do your customers LIKE you?  Would your customers ever want to meet you?  Do they every say WOW to you?  Are they loyal to you?  These questions matter, and if you don’t feel quite confident with the answers now, then follow Coreena’s example by going above and beyond in every way to take care of them.


Zac Garside is a coach and the marketing manager for Power Selling Pros.    

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