Want More Revenue? Just Ask for It.

How would you like an additional $52,000 (or more) in your pocket right now without having to do anything to get it? You can; and doing it is simple. Just ask for it. You’re probably thinking, “What a load! I can’t just ask for $52,000 and expect to get it. But you’re wrong and I’ll show you why, and more importantly, how to do it.

Do you remember the WestJet video that went viral from a couple of years ago about the Santa in the airport terminal? Wasn’t that awesome? (If you haven’t seen it or don’t remember it, watch it here. There are spoilers ahead, so if you haven’t seen it watch it now.) A large screen set in a giant present showed Santa, dressed in WestJet blue instead of his signature red, waiting to talk to passengers after they scanned their boarding pass. He would then chat with them and eventually get to his famous question, “What do you want for Christmas?” It’s fun to see people’s reactions. Some people appear to look at it as a fun gimmick and sort of brush Santa off – like anyone who didn’t take advantage of the opportunity, or of course the unforgettable guy who asked for socks and underwear! But others took Santa a little more seriously and asked for things they really wanted, like a big TV, an Android tablet, or a flight home.

Well, one can only imagine the peoples’ surprise after they landed at their destination and were waiting for their luggage when an array of gifts came down the luggage carousel instead of their baggage. It’s great to see the surprise on the little boy’s face as he opens his brand new Android tablet. And how about the tears from the lady who received a new camera? Moving.

Yet, while the video is touching and delivers a smile, or maybe even a tear, it doesn’t put $52,000 in your pocket. What we learn from the people in it, though, will.

Compare the reactions of the little boy with the tablet and the guy with the socks and underwear. Clearly the little boy believed Santa while the underwear guy was a little less believing. The difference? The boy asked with conviction, believing he would receive; after all, it was Santa and Santa always delivers. Right? You and your customer service representatives can do the same thing with your customers. Ask with conviction. Believe you will receive. Enjoy the benefits – to the tune of at least $52,000 a year in your pocket.

If your call handling team simply follow the Pattern for Excellence and create a WOW Experience, then asking the caller to book an appointment will be just as easy as asking Santa for a new tablet or other large gift. In his book, Pattern for Excellence, Brigham says this about asking, “This principle applies to a myriad of situations, including business. If you want your call handling team to book more calls and keep your field staff in the field where they belong, you need to make sure they are asking for that appointment. If they don’t ask, they don’t get, and neither do you.” And that asking starts at the very beginning of the call.

Remember, people are calling your business because they have a problem they want solved. It makes no sense not to ask when you can fix it for them. It’s good for your team to ask additional questions to ensure they understand the customer’s needs, but they should also constantly be affirming when they can schedule someone to come to the house.

Now, the math; and this is where we get to the promised $52,000. If your average booked call is $200 and you teach your call handling team this principle such that they book just ONE more appointment per day – that adds up to an additional $52,000 a year. Now imagine if they book two, three, or more additional appointments. Easy money. But, if you don’t ask, you don’t get.

What can you do today to ensure your call handling team is asking for an appointment on every call?

John Christensen