5 Tips for Creating HAPPY CSRs who LOVE their job!


Your customer experience starts with taking care of your internal customers – your employees.  Here are 5 tips for creating a team of people that LOVE what they do.

1. Teach principles not scripts

Scripts are often the go-to solution for keeping customer service representatives on track with proper call flow and our chosen phrasing. While these call scripts can be effective, they are not the ideal solution. The problem with scripts is:

  • CSR’s are unprepared for when the call goes off script
  • The tone of calls becomes memorized, lifeless, and impersonal
  • CSR’s become less present and less happy

Principles allow CSRs to still hit key steps in a call but to do so more naturally and handle situations that scripts haven’t prepared them for. They sound more natural and are happier when they can use their own tone and voice to hit these principles. Finally, they are present and focused when they understand the logic behind what they are saying.

This is why professional customer service representatives use frameworks based upon principles, not scripts. Click here to download your free copy of the pattern for excellence, eight guiding principles to teach your CSRs so that they are prepared to book more calls and WOW more customers.

2. Share and quantify goals

By sharing your business goals and vision for the company you can inspire your team to do and be more. There is a tangible difference between showing up at a job to get through the day and feeling like a member of a team working towards an exciting goal. Take time to share your business goals and reinforce the importance that each team member plays in that vision. When they share your vision, their job becomes more than a way to earn money and reignites ambition in the work.

With the backdrop of the business’ goals, team members should be encouraged to work towards something themselves. Call monitoring can quantify their performance and provide tangible checkpoints of progress.

3. Help them feel service

Too often, we overlook the element of service in customer service. When CSRs can truly help people, they begin to see it as more than a job. Not only do they get rewarded with pay, but the emotional reward of grateful customers adds to the value they receive. By creating WOW experiences, where customers are blown away with our ability to serve, CSRs will love what they do. Seeing work as a channel of truly serving people is a powerful mentality that sets your business apart and brings added rewards to what CSRs do.

4. Be the best

Do you know why customers choose you over your competitors? Do your CSRs know what sets you apart?

It is essential that your team knows why their company is so awesome! If you have been in business for 50 years, tell them. If you are the top ranked local company in Google, tell them. If you have won an award, tell them. When you reinforce a sense of healthy pride in your team, they will want to tell this to your customers. Building value in your organization makes them happier to be a part of it. Not awesome yet? See point number 2 and get to work!

5. Invest in them

The skills of a good customer service representative will serve them well in many aspects of their lives. The ability to connect with strangers, build rapport, listen, be confident and positive, convey empathy, and show gratitude are just a few examples.

Investing in your team by teaching them these skills will bring rewards to the business and to their own lives. In return, CSRs become more invested in their jobs and feel valued when owners and managers invest in them. Spend time working on their game and help them see their progress.

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Tyson Jess, Power Coach

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