Avoiding Awkward and Restoring Confidence…

Are key moments in your calls costing you business? If customers do not hear confidence and positivity in your voice, they will likely not trust you with their home! Here are three tips for avoiding awkward and restoring confidence to your customers.

Three Tips for Avoiding Awkward and Restoring Confidence to Your Customer Service

1. Master the pause

As a CSR, you have a lot on your plate! Each time the phone rings you are answering questions, listening to all the details the customer is providing, and pulling up the customer in the system. It’s ok to take a pause and not be talking while you do other things, but you must do it the right way.

Instead of awkward dead air, simply explain what you are doing and rephrase things the customer says.

“Thank you James, I am just pulling you up in our system.”

  • Pause while you do that –

“So, I understand your water heater has a slight leak. How long has this been going on?”

Explaining your pauses makes it more natural and allows you to give due attention to your many tasks. Returning to the conversation with a rephrase of something the customer has said and a question shows them you were listening.

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2. Use natural, soft transitions

Knowing how to use transitions can return natural flow and progression to your calls. Avoid hard or awkward questions when asking for the business and presenting the price. For example, after presenting the price do not simply pause and wait nor ask if it is ok. Use a transition to progress the call!

After building value on your company, present the price, and transition to closing the call.

 “… and you get all that for only $49. So I can tell the technician, how will you be paying?”


 “… and you get all that for only $49. Is there anything else I can help you with today?”

3. Have a plan

Great calls that build loyal customers are confident and positive. To bring this tone to each of your calls you need to have a plan for what to say. When you are not confident or positive it is contagious and can create an awkward call. A great plan is more than a script, it is a set of principles that can be applied to an array of situations so you genuinely feel confident to book calls. We have developed a pattern for excellence, eight principles that when applied to your calls will help you book more calls and wow more customers!

Tyson Jess is a Power Coach with the Power Certification Program. He has experience in real estate, is actively studying marketing, loves the outdoors, and enjoys the opportunity to fix things that are broken.