3 Ways to Increase Your Confidence at Work

When we usually think about being confident, we think about being confident in ourselves. We’ve all know people who were very self-confident to the degree that they are annoying. Conceited is the word that is sometimes used to describe people like that. That’s confidence to the extreme of a mental or personality disorder.

The confidence we all want to have is that feeling that we can do the task in front of us.

How do we gain this confidence?

Listen carefully when you’re being trained. Take detailed notes. Create your own Ready Reference, a notebook or binder that has all the basic information you need to fulfill your responsibilities. This Ready Reference will help you progress and prevent asking questions about items or tasks you’ve been trained to perform. That’s not to say we should never ask questions, but with a Ready Reference, those questions can be focused on things we haven’t learned before.

One of the most important items to include in your personal Ready Reference are the steps needed to understand and use the technology needed to do your job well.

There is also the confidence we need to have in the company. Especially if you are new in the job, this confidence may be hard to acquire. It’s imperative to know that the company you work for can complete the job that the customer needs.

How do we gain confidence in the company?

Ask questions like these:

  • How long has the company been in business?
  • What percentage of customers are returning customers?
  • Who started the company?
  • How much training do technicians receive?
  • How many technicians have worked there for more than 5 years?
  • Does the company have a particular specialty that it advertises?

Once you know the company inside out, you can be confident that they can take care of every customer. Every time.

Another way to gain confidence in yourself and in the company is to give a little extra. When a customer is especially anxious about getting a job done, reassure them that YOU will take care of them, they will be YOUR top priority today and YOU will do everything possible to take care of their need. This may require that you stay a little bit late that day but you will gain confidence in your abilities and in your company’s abilities by giving a little extra.

And, as a side benefit, you will gain the confidence of the customer.

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Mary Burkett was born in Southern New Jersey, raised in Southern California, Mary Burkett is a graduate of the University of Utah.

Like many Americans, she has had more than one career, including being a Marketing Director in the shopping center industry, being a coach with Power Selling Pros and owning a Business and Personal Development coaching company.
She has six grown children, expects her 24th grandchild later this year, is active in her community, reads a lot, writes her own personal blog and works on special projects for Power Selling Pros.
Mary and her semi-retired husband live in Southern Utah.