Millennials, Gen Z, and how they are changing customer service NOW

Over 35%.

That’s the percentage of homeowners that are millennials now.

People in business talk about millennials ALL. THE. TIME.  We often refer to them as the ones who confound us.  We consider them to be “unruly.”  We accuse them of being entitled.

If you used the internet last year, you probably saw the video of Simon Sinek talking about millennials in the workforce.  For the most part, we think he was spot on.

But, while most people are talking about millennials as the people working in our companies, less people are talking about millennials as the people our companies are serving. identified 6 ways that millennials are changing customer service.  They:

  1. Love self-service
  2. Want service fast
  3. Prefer text messaging over phone calls
  4. Are hyperconnected with all kinds of devices
  5. Value brand engagement on social media
  6. Demand personalization

You know what’s even crazier about all this?  While everyone is talking about and trying to adapt to serve millennials, there’s another generation that’s quietly sneaking up on us: Generation ZAnd I’m one of them!

Gen Z is “technically” anyone born from 1995 to 2005.  We’re the ones who were little kids during the aftermath of 9/11.

While people talk about how millennials and gen. Z are changing the future of business, I would argue that we have already changed the present!  It’s not just about what the future will look like, it’s about recognizing that the present has already changed and it’s right in front of us!

Let me give you an example of how we are shaping the way people do business…

1 Review, 100 Consequences

This was a post I put up on LinkedIn about 3 weeks ago:

“How important exactly is your customer experience?  

I just got this email from Google letting me know that a bad review I left a company that treated my wife and I, well… terribly… has been seen over 100 times by people.  Imagine if those 100 people actually decided to use another company because of my review? 

What if this is happening in your business!?? 

You need to create an experience that makes people say “WOW.”  Otherwise, you may have way more people than you like saying “whoa…” instead.”


SERIOUSLY… imagine if those 100 people chose NOT to do business with that company because of my little 15 word review.

Imagine if 100 people chose not to do business with you because of 1 review.  Ouch.

So, what’s the point of all this?

Well, for 1 thing, online reviews are powerful – but you already knew that.

For another, a 23 year old, generation Z-er, just potentially deterred 100 people away from a small business by simply sharing his experience.

It’s not just about preparing for the future, it’s about serving your customers NOW.  Yesterday on the phone I had the privilege of speaking with Brenda Barker at Barker and Sons Plumbing & Rooter, and she shared with me that over 50% of her customers are now millennials.

She is having to adapt her company’s service in every way from how they hire and train their employees to how they speak to customers.

Barker and Sons is investing in text, chat, and better email conversations to communicate with their customers in the ways they want to be communicated with.

Ask yourself… how do my customers want me to serve them NOW?  How do we need to adjust our service NOW?

You answer those questions NOW, and I’m confident you will be in a stronger position in the future.

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Zac Garside is the marketing and membership manager at Power Coaching.  Zac resides in Logan, UT with his wife and son and loves to talk about marketing, helping people find purpose, and the Philadelphia Eagles.  #FlyEaglesFly

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