The Power of Being Grateful

Gratitude is very powerful. Think about it. When you do something for someone else and they thank you, how do you feel? Not that being thanked is why you helped someone. You wanted to help. You expected nothing in return. But an expression of gratitude is important. It’s a bonus. An expression of gratitude is uplifting and inspires us, and others, to do more.

Your business begins and ends with customers. When customers know that they are sincerely appreciated, they are your customer forever.

On the web site,, an article about gratitude in the work place was particularly enlightening: “Customers who feel appreciated are more likely to recommend your business to others, write positive reviews, buy from you again, and even pay more for your services down the road. Loyalty programs, notes or phone calls, customer appreciation events and customer spotlights are just a few ways you can show gratitude.”

With the Pattern for Excellence, the final step is Be Grateful. Before a customer gets off the phone, they must know that their call, their business, is appreciated, that your business is grateful to have been their first choice.

“Thank you for giving us the opportunity to earn your business”, “Thank you for letting us solve your problem today”, “Thank you for allowing us to serve you today” are all ways to express sincere gratitude to customers. You can come up with your own way of expressing gratitude.

Of course, it is not only words that are important.

Tone of voice is another powerful way we communicate sincere gratitude. Have you ever been on a call with someone who sounds like a robot? Nothing they say seems sincere. Ever heard someone have a flat tone of voice? Like they were not really there? In those circumstances, it’s pretty difficult to feel that you are genuinely appreciated.

Overcome the temptation to sound robotic by smiling when thanking customers. They cannot see your smile but they can hear it and by smiling when thanking them, they hear more than words. They hear sincerity.

A sincere “thank you” is THE most powerful way to close out a call with implications that last longer than one phone exchange.

Mary Burkett was born in Southern New Jersey, raised in Southern California, Mary Burkett is a graduate of the University of Utah.

Like many Americans, she has had more than one career, including being a Marketing Director in the shopping center industry, being a coach with Power Selling Pros and owning a Business and Personal Development coaching company.
She has six grown children, expects her 24th grandchild later this year, is active in her community, reads a lot, writes her own personal blog and works on special projects for Power Selling Pros.
Mary and her semi-retired husband live in Southern Utah.