[AUDIO] You have to hear this phone call…

You know your phone calls need to sound better… but you may not have anything to compare them to.

Listen to this amazing phone call by a CSR names Taylor. THIS is how all phone calls ought to sound.

Pay attention to how well the conversation FLOWS, and compare it to your teams’ calls. What do you hear?


  • Positive greeting
  • Responds using “YES” multiple times
  • Customer asks for a quote right away, CSR responds with empathy and humor, says “YES”, and moves on to gathering information. Doesn’t even need to talk about price.
  • Asks “WHEN” to understand the customer’s time expectation
  • Says “PERFECT” to give customer confidence in timing
  • Builds value using the technician’s name
  • Asks “who can I thank for referring you to our company?” instead of merely asking “how did you hear about us?”

This was an excellent call with a great flow.

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Zac Garside is known as the “Dark Knight” at Power Selling Pros (or at least… he wants to be).