Quit Throwing Money Away: How To Avoid the Most Expensive Mistake Contractors Make

Right now, every phone call that goes un-booked and every technician appointment that doesn’t result in a bigger job or maintenance agreement is your fault as a business owner.

It’s easy to blame your CSRs or your technician’s attitude, inability, or any other element, which may be true.

But until you equip them with proper training and regular accountability, it’s on you.

Waiting to train your team of CSRs, dispatchers, and technicians is the most expensive mistake contractors make.

What is a customer worth to you? How much money do you spend every time a phone rings in your office? What about every time a technician dispatches to a customer’s home?

Seriously, figure out those numbers.

Suppose a customer who becomes loyal to your business spends $240 a year with you, plus they spend $1,500 on a piece of equipment at some point. They live in your area for 7 years. That customer is worth $3,180 to you.

Suddenly, that phone call you just lost yesterday means a lot more, doesn’t it?

You are spending valuable resources and time on getting your phone to ring, so you need to be sure that your team is delivering an exceptional customer experience on every client interaction.

Treat your phone calls as an opportunity to start a long-term relationship and create wow experiences EVERY TIME.

Too often, contractors make the costly mistake of saying,  “Training our team is our next priority, we just need to __________ right now.”

The time to train your team is NOW.

How to Avoid This Mistake: Stop Justifying Waiting

Things never slow down. As a business owner, you know this better than anybody.

This mistake is so common among contractors because there are so many excuses that get in the way of investing in proper call handling training.

Here are some of the most common justifications to wait to begin training and how to avoid them:

“It’s our busiest time of year. We don’t have time for training.”

If you don’t put the customer’s experience as your first priority, how can you expect your team to? Too busy for training and accountability means we’re too busy to answer the phones properly and to evaluate our work. What you’ll hear in the office are rushed phone calls by overwhelmed CSRs who don’t have room on the schedule for two weeks. You’ll have frustrated customers who don’t feel heard or taken care of, and ultimately, you’re wasting time and resources.

Empower your team with the skills and tools to book more calls and overcome objection (like a full schedule for several days) by training them.

You can be efficient, effective and deliver a WOW experience at the same time over the phone. With Power Certification, we coach your CSRs one-on-one, over the phone, twice a month using their own phone calls. The result is a call-handling team that books more calls, WOWs more customers, and makes more money.

The training is individualized, while still creating a culture in your office that your customers will recognize and appreciate over the phone.

Technician training from Power Selling Pros is different from anything else in the industry. Most training programs come from a mechanical standpoint. They focus on “fixing things”. This training is focused on soft skills like practical communication skills and mindset. As a result, your technicians will not only fix the homeowner’s problems… they will make homeowners fall in love with them and become loyal!

Your team should be all about building long-term relationships with the people you serve, whether it’s your busiest time of year or not. Let us rate your current customer experience for free.

“I’m just not sure that this hire is going to work out. I don’t want to invest in them yet.”

Hiring is a difficult, time-consuming process. It can be so frustrating when a person doesn’t work out. If you’re looking to fill a position on your team, consider using PowerRecruiting to save you time and find the perfect person, guaranteed, and get a head-start on their coaching from day one.

But if you have a team member you’re not willing to invest in training, why are they on your team in the first place? If there are issues with an employee, you need to put a plan in place to resolve them or release them. Not later, NOW.

Creating long-term relationships with customers is difficult if we can’t build long-term relationships in our own office. In order to make an employee productive and profitable, that individual needs industry-applicable skills and knowledge. You’ve already invested in internal training, but bringing an external expert to train them specifically on their calls and the mindset of serving customers will

We guarantee your CSRs will be booking at 85% when they’ve reached a certain level of Power Certification. Start training them from the beginning so that your employees learn the best approach from the start. Equip your team with tools to use instead of waiting for them to impress you. When you invest, you’ll see a return.

Interested in training your employees? Chat with one of our business developers to tailor training to your needs.

“We’re about to upgrade our office software. Then we’ll work on training.”

Your team already knows how to answer a phone or fix a unit. What your team needs is training on how to be more efficient, effective and intentional about their client interactions to build long-term relationships.

A new system is going to be a huge learning curve that effects everyone in the office, but coaching is the perfect opportunity to develop a call flow that works with the changes and leaves your customers feeling wowed.

Change always brings challenges and resistance, which is the perfect opportunity to start a culture change in your office too. Set up call recording from the start. Put accountability measures in place and start tracking your team’s progress.

Coaching helps CSRs become confident and book more calls. They will be able to work through a flow, rather than a call script, as they’re learning a new software.

“We can’t justify the expense right now.”

Waiting to train employees is the most expensive mistake contractors in the home services industry make. You’re losing incoming calls and long-term relationships every time a CSR does not book an appointment or a technician misses an opportunity to sell a membership or new unit.

Can you afford not to be wowing your customers on every call and creating long-term relationships?

The customer always wants to know, “But how much is it going to cost me?” As a professional, you know that the best way to meet their needs is to get an expert technician out to their home to evaluate the problem and find the best solution.

At Power Selling Pros, we coach companies to wow more customers, book more calls and make more money. We have a variety of training options to fit every team, timetable and budget. Schedule a free consultation with a business developer to find the right solution for your employees.

Do not make the expensive mistake of waiting to WOW your customers. Client interactions are incredibly important NOW. Building a solid company reputation is important NOW. Having a team you trust who is equipped to handle every objection and still wow your customers is a priority NOW.

Let us rate your customer experience and help you find the right solution for your team and your customers