Why You Should ALWAYS Coach Your CSRs During Your Busy Season

You may feel like you don’t need coaching when things get busy…

I understand where the need comes from. Phones are ringing off the hook, customer expectations are at their peak… you just can’t afford to walk away from the phones for a coaching session, right?

I hate to break it to you, but the truth is that you can’t afford NOT to step away and have a coaching session.

How can you afford to walk away from coaching at the time that you NEED to be at your best?

There are 3 simple reasons why you should ALWAYS coach your CSRs during your busy season:

  1. You ALWAYS need to improve your abilities the same way professional athletes need to keep improving during their season
  2. Coaching provides a chance to refuel the same way a car needs to refuel during a 1,000 mile road trip
  3. With such a large volume of calls, having a second set of ears (your coach) to monitor the quality of calls could save you hours of time and thousands of dollars

Let’s look at each of these reasons…

Professionals Get Coaching All The Time

Think for a moment about your favorite professional athlete. One of mine is Tom Brady.

For the record, I’m a die-hard Philadelphia Eagles fan. I just respect Tom Brady’s game and think he provides an excellence case study for what we are talking about here.

Tom Brady has been playing professional football for 19 years – 19 years! – and still practices just as much, if not more, than the youngest players in the NFL. Especially during the season. As a result, Tom Brady has won:

  • 6 Super Bowls
  • 4 Super Bowl MVP Awards
  • 14 Pro Bowl Selections
  • 2 NFL Passing Yards Titles
  • 3 NFL MVP Awards

Phew… that’s a lot.

Now here’s the crazy thing. Tom Brady could have said 9 years ago “you know what… I’m good. I think I’ve proven that I’m the best. What more could having a coach and practice possibly offer me at this point? I’m just going to show up on game day and do my thing.

What would have happened to Brady if he had done that?


Being a proven professional doesn’t give him an excuse to stop practicing and using a coach, practicing and using a coach is what makes him a professional in the first place!

That’s what makes you a professional too. It’s the fact that you are always improving, always looking for ways to up your game.

To walk away from CSR coaching when things get busy is like walking away from coaching in the middle of a season where you have a chance to win a championship. Don’t do it.

Coaching Can Help You Deal With the Stress of Being Busy

When things are hectic, it’s helpful to consult someone on the outside for advice. They can give you that objective perspective that it’s so difficult to have when you’re caught in the whirlwind.

Sometimes, all it takes for a CSR to be at the top of their game is a 30-minute conversation with their trusted coach. It’s an opportunity to talk about the struggle, identify potential areas of improvement, and get back on track.

If your car is running out of gas, you pull over and fuel up. It doesn’t matter that you’re on a tight schedule and every second counts. YOU NEED GAS. Refusing to pull over and get fuel will result in you getting stuck and going nowhere.

This is a good analogy for what it’s like to be a customer service representative. Talking to customers all day without taking 30 minutes every other week to refuel, so to speak, can leave you feeling stuck and like you’re going nowhere.

Don’t rob yourself of that precious opportunity to refuel simply because things are busy. I promise, 30 minutes away twice a month and in coaching will NOT hurt you and your team – it will only make you better.

That leads us to our final point…

Having a Coach Who Can Monitor Your Calls Is Invaluable

There’s one other thing Tom Brady’s coaches do to help him improve: they watch his game film and give him feedback.

Sure, Brady could watch his own film and try to make adjustments, but he is NOT going to catch every detail all on his own. That’s another reason for having a coach.

In the world of customer service, your coach can listen to your recorded phone calls and provide you with a game plan for improving your performance. Listening to your calls yourself will help you get better, there’s no doubt. But having a coach ALSO listen to your calls will make you better, FASTER.

A coach can catch the important details you may have missed on your own. They can even show you things you ought to change that you didn’t realize should be different.

And even more valuable, a coach can show you exactly how to handle the objections you’re receiving during the busy season. Concerns like, “I need somebody today,” when your schedule is already full, or “I just want a price.”

A coach catches the places that you specifically can improve your game.

Let’s look at the numbers…

When your busy season hits, that is when the call volume is highest. You do not want to miss the opportunity to have a coach work with and help you improve.

Think about it like this… suppose you have one CSR answering 150 calls a day during the busy season, and their booking rate is only 60%. That means 60 customers were lost and ended up doing business with someone else. What is happening on those 60 calls that is causing us to lose them?

Without having a coach to monitor our calls and give us feedback, we may never know!

On top of the fact that you are losing those calls, you are also spending TONS of time on the phone during those calls. If a phone calls lasts for 2 minutes and 30 seconds (on average), that’s 2 and a half HOURS you are spending on the phone with customers who don’t even book with you!

Why not invest 30 minutes of that time into coaching so that you can get that booking rate from 60% to 85%?

Let’s take it a step further…

Suppose your average service call revenue is $300. Lose those 60 calls and you just missed an opportunity at $18,000 – in one day! Book those calls and pretty soon you’ll be booking yourself a trip to Bora Bora when the busy season ends. 😉

Get A Coach. Or, Stay With Your Coach

For your CSRs, coaching is invaluable. You really can’t put a price on the value of having someone to help you book more calls.

When you’re tempted to stop coaching your CSRs or to just avoid the subject altogether because the busy season has hit… DON’T. Too much is riding on those phone calls for you to risk quality and conversion rates.

Not only do professionals need a coach to help them up their game…

Not only do your CSRs need an opportunity to refuel when they worn out…

Not only is having a coach monitor your calls for improvement opportunities invaluable…

But you’ll make more money and have more PAYING customers. And THIS is where the rubber meets the road. A person who calls your company is just a caller. A caller who books with you becomes a PAYING customer.

Make sure you invest in CSR coaching so you can turn MORE callers into PAYING CUSTOMERS.