If you’ve ever asked, “How hard is it to answer the phone?” READ THIS.

In the video, Ideal Air Services Owner James Sharp just completed his first day of Power Selling Pros training at the Service Round Table summit in Texas. His takeaway is going to change his company forever.

If you’re like James and most business owners in the home services industry, you invest in training your technicians and sales team to be prepared to interact with and sell to the home owner. But when it comes to your office staff, you simply ask, “How hard is it to answer the phone?”

The honest answer: not hard at all. Anyone can answer the phone.

But you’re asking the wrong question. Instead, ask yourself, “How much is each incoming call worth?”

You spend a lot of money on advertising and getting that phone to ring. But your call handlers are booking a consistent percentage of calls, even when your phones are ringing off the hook.  

It’s easy to answer the phone, but just answering is not good enough.

If you want to book more calls, make more money and create lifetime customers, your team needs to be delivering a WOW experience on every client interaction.

It starts with training. Give your team the tools they need to succeed. It’s time to get your technicians, office staff, CSRs, dispatchers, sales team and managers on the same page.

In just 10 MINUTES A DAY FOR 30 DAYS, you can transform your team into a well-oiled machine that creates fiercely loyal customers and makes you more money.

And the even better news? It costs less than $20 a day for a month of specialized training for your ENTIRE staff.

Consider it one more time: How much is each incoming call, service call or client interaction worth to you?