How does CSR Coaching work?

It’s a shame when companies spend so much money on advertising to get their phones ringing, but don’t train their call-handling team to book the calls coming in.

So much wasted money and opportunity.

That’s why we started a CSR Coaching program over 10 years ago.

Here’s how it works:

Each CSR is coached one-on-one, twice a month over the phone. In these coaching sessions we teach our curriculum (which I’ve attached below), listen to the CSR’s calls with them to review their performance and play example calls from some of the best CSRs in the industry so they know what to follow. Each coaching session lasts about 30 minutes. 

In between coaching sessions your CSRs’ calls will be monitored by a team of trained call monitors who are looking for strengths, weaknesses, and “WOW Calls”. “WOW Calls” are calls where the customer gives the CSR a compliment about how they went above and beyond in the way they took care of them.

In addition to coaching sessions, your assigned coach will also hold a monthly progress meeting with you (or another leader whom you choose to delegate this to) where they will update you on each CSR’s progress, seek to understand your expectations, and let you know what is coming up in the next month. You will also get detailed notes about each CSR after every coaching session. 

CSRs are taught and certified in “levels.” Each level of lessons builds on the last one. At the end of each level the CSR undergoes a pass-off test where they will need to demonstrate for a member of the PSP leadership team everything they have learned to that point in coaching. Once a CSR has passed off all 4 levels of coaching they become Power Certified and get a certificate from our team. This typically takes between 12-18 months.

Once a CSR is Power Certified we like to maintain a long-term relationship and accountability by moving coaching to once-a-month. If performance slips we suggest going back to twice-a-month coaching until the CSR gets back to high performance. High performance is considered booking at least 85% of inbound calls consistently and getting “WOW Calls” on a regular basis. 

We’d love to help you see if coaching is right for you.

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Talk soon.