Convert Customers to Clients: How to Sell Service Agreements on the Phone

Service Agreements are the lifeblood of a home services business.


Because a Service Agreement is like a pact between your company and the homeowner. This pact says, “I trust you to take care of me, so I pledge my loyalty to you.”

We talk a lot about the impact of loyal customers. It keeps your schedule full year-round, generates word-of-mouth referrals and act as that lifeblood for your organization.

The way we create loyalty is building a relationship that converts our customers into clients..

Clients vs. Customers

Customers are great! If there were no customers, there would be no company right?

Clients are what separate good companies from great ones.

Customers can be one-time or repeat patrons, but generally lack the loyalty to your company that a client has.

Clients will happily buy over and over. They are also much more likely to spread the good word about your organization (especially if they see or hear from you regularly).

So every year that you add new “Clients” your business grows, and that growth compounds every year. Imagine starting each year knowing you had hundreds or thousands of familiar people already committed to buy something! That’s awesome!

Conversely, a company that only has “Customers” has to work harder and spend more on marketing to keep pace with the Client focused company.

Why You NEED a Service Agreement

One of the BEST ways to build your home services business is to have Service Agreements or membership plans available for your customers.

Here are just a few of the reasons you need a service agreement:

  1. You are providing a better service to your clients by keeping their equipment from breaking down prematurely.
  2. If and when a replacement or repair is needed, you are the most likely candidate for the job.
  3. More repeat clients = Lower marketing $$.
  4. The more happy clients you serve, the more referrals you will get!
  5. Service calls can be scheduled during slow periods to keep the team busy.

And yet many companies struggle with selling Service Agreements.

What if there was a simple way for your CSRs to sell MORE Service Agreements AND do so while BOOKING MORE CALLS?

Sell Service Agreements confidently over the phone with IRAP

[Isolate, Resolve, Ask, Pause]

The IRAP technique can be used in many ways to overcome client objections and help your team confidently sell service agreements over the phone.

Selling Service Agreements on the Phone

Watch this video to learn how to sell more Service Agreements over the phone!