Why you will fail in 2020.

You’re feeling pumped for 2020, right now. I can feel it.

It’s the start of a new decade. Your decade.

It’s January 1. You’re clearing out your inbox, setting goals, and getting your affairs in order.

You have tons of messages about how to succeed this year, promotions for buying products at a “New Year Discount”, and lots of people coming at you with their “stuff” (me included, technically).
So allow me to switch things up for you and present…

Advice that will make you fail in 2020:

  • Don’t invest in yourself. Use all that hard earned money for short-term investments only. Pay your people, cover bills, and take no thought for investing in yourself or your business’s future performance.
  • Micro-manage your people. Hover over their shoulders, tell them what to do, make sure they know who the boss is. You can’t trust them, after all.
  • Assume you already know the inner workings of the company.
  • Do not ask for help from outsiders. It’s your business, therefore, you should be the expert in everything that happens inside the business. Keep outsiders, coaches, and consultants outside.
  • Complain a lot. Make sure everyone and their Grandma’s dog knows when your upset about something.
  • Make it all up as you go. Forget about strategic planning. You should be obsessed with your competitors and copying their every move. Spend your time reacting to what happens.
  • Treat business like a war. There are winners and losers and that’s it.
  • Last, and certainly the least, be a jerk. Treat people without respect and be rude. It’s a dog-eat-dog world out there and you’re either the predator or the prey. Be the predator.

If you follow that advice, I promise, you will set yourself and your business up for a perfectly mediocre, underachieving, and miserable 2020.

Let’s be real now…

Do NOT do any of that.

You should be serious about investing in yourself. How can you expect customers to spend money with you if you won’t invest in yourself.

You should give your people freedom to do their job with excellence.

You should assume you know nothing.

You should ask outside experts and coaches for help. You don’t have to know it all.

Never complain. Ever.

Be proactive and make plans. Then execute those plans. Don’t just react.


Business is not a war… war is war, and the people who fight in war deserve more respect than what we show them when we say “business is war.” That’s wrong. Businesses serve customers. They don’t fight enemies.

Oh, and stop calling your employees the “front lines” like they’re about to go to battle. Why is that even a thing?


Be kind. It’s the best strategy.

Make some magic this year.

There’s one more thing. Start off your new year with this free video: Why Your CSRs Are Losing Phone Calls

Zac Garside is just a young dad with a beautiful family and goal to spend his 40th birthday on a bungalow in Bora Bora.

He also can’t decide if it’s more appropriate to write his bio in the first person or third person, but that’s neither here nor there.

Dream big.