3 Ways of Thinking That Help Home Service Contractors Make More Money.

Have you ever heard a quote similar to this one before… “How you think determines how you act. How you act determines your results.”

Sage advice, but not very helpful. Because even though you recognize the need to think differently, you don’t know how to actually change your thoughts. If you’re going to erase harmful thoughts from your brain, wouldn’t you need better ones to replace them with?

(I feel like I’m getting into the plot of “Inception” here…)

That’s why I wrote this article: to teach you what to replace your “old thoughts” with.

Specifically, I’m going to teach you 3 ways of thinking that help Home Service Contractors make more money.

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The first way to think is…

“If Homeowners need to invest in regular maintenance. Should I not do the same?”

What happens to a furnace/AC with a dirty filter?  Lower efficiency due to reduced intake and poorer system performance. 

And what happens when your CSR/Dispatcher doesn’t get the best training for setting appointments?  Less appointments booked and fewer opportunities to make sales.

Improving intake of calls in your office to get better business results is similar to improving the intake on a furnace/AC to get better system results. Similar to every HVAC system, every business needs maintenance to operate at peak efficiency. 

When business owners preach the importance of maintenance in the home, or when they insist that customers make bad choices when they’re “price shopping”, my first thought is always the same:

“Mr. Business Owner… do YOU invest in the maintenance of YOUR business? Do YOU price shop with vendors and suppliers?”

That brings me to our second wealthy way of thinking…

“Am I the kind of customer I wish I had?”

To attract the highest quality customers we need to be high quality customers. If we want homeowners to look for the best service, even when it’s priced higher, then we need to do the same.

The industry’s most elite contractors don’t skimp. They look for premium vendors to work with because investing in premium vendors helps you become a premium service provider.

You can’t insist on “low prices!” from your vendors and then charge high prices to your customers. Call it a law of the universe if you will… but customers will treat you the way you treat those you buy from.

Let me be clear: I’m not saying you should never ask for a discount or take advantage of a deal. Saving money is a magical thing.  Rather, I am suggesting that you change how you THINK about the services you buy. Because if you want high quality, high paying customers, then isn’t it important for you to be that kind of customer? 

Now, our third and final way of thinking that leads to a greater bank account balance…

“Does my business, and my job, exist to serve people or myself?”

There’s this insidious idea floating around the nation that businesses exist to make owners and shareholders wealthy. But that mindset leads to very short business life spans and desperately low levels of happiness.

Perhaps you started the business to make money. But to keep the business running forever, mindsets must change. You have to move from a pursuit of profit to a pursuit of impact.

If the only beneficiary of your business is you, your days are numbered.

(NOTE: To learn how your whole company can change from “money-focused” to “service-focused” book a strategy call with our team here. We’re here to serve you.)

The right thinking gets the best results.

Those who show up every day thinking:

  • Homeowners need to invest in regular maintenance. So do I.
  • I need to be the customer I wish I had.
  • My business, and my job, exist to serve people…

…develop a character foundation and quiet confidence that allows your team to achieve extraordinary results. In the short-term, it’s difficult.

Yet, over time, fulfillment soars and their bank balance explodes.

Start with one.

To get started, choose just one way of thinking that you will adopt in your business. If you need help deciding, book a strategy call with us here.

Each day, remind yourself in writing what your new way of thinking is, and be intentional about acting in ways that bring that thought process to life.

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I’m Zac, the Marketing Manager for Power Selling Pros. My hobbies? Well, I have two toddlers, so quiet trips to the bathroom are quite enjoyable.