The Easiest Way to Acquire Home Service Customers (Without Paying For More Ads)

Is there such a thing as an “easy” way to acquire home service customers? As a matter of fact, yes. There is.

This is the “Lowest Hanging Fruit” in ANY Home Service Business.

Over 12 years ago Brigham Dickinson, Power Selling Pros‘ Founder, did marketing for local Plumbing companies in Salt Lake City.

One of his clients, Neerings Plumbing & Heating, decided to let him go. They said the leads he generated were “no good.”

Now Brigham knew that wasn’t true. He knew that the more likely problem was that the folks answering the phones weren’t converting enough phone calls into appointments.

So, desperate to save this marketing account, Brigham convinced Todd Neerings to let him coach his CSRs to book more of the calls coming in from his marketing.

Fast forward 12 years and today Power Selling Pros trains thousands of CSRs in Home Services Companies around the globe. And we much of that growth to this one simple insight:

The Easiest Way to Acquire Home Service Customers is to Increase Your Call Conversion.

(NOTE: Click here to get a one-page PDF for Contracting Business Owners on “How to Immediately Maximize Your Call Center Revenue”)

Here’s why this is the easiest way to get more home service customers:

The industry average call conversion rate is only 60%. In grade school, that’s an F. It would be unacceptable for one of your kids to miss 40% of all the problems they encounter on a test in school…

So why would you allow your call-handling team to lose 40% of the calls they take?

By simply coaching your CSRs to increase the percentage of inbound calls that you convert into appointments, you can grow your company’s revenue by thousands, and in many cases millions, of dollars.

well coached CSRs can easily help you acquire more home service customers

Not to mention, the biggest benefit might be the massive morale boost your CSRs get when they see the impact they are making on your company’s bottom line.

Let’s do some math:

Suppose, for the sake of simple math, that your average ticket is $375.

With 250 working days in a year, if you booked one more call a day than you are now, that’s an additional $87,500 in revenue for a single year. From your entire company booking only one more call a day.

We’re not blowing smoke here. You know this is possible. It’s literally the easiest way to acquire more home service customers.

And let’s not forget the other benefits. One more call a day also means:

  • 250 new customers to up-sell and cross-sell to
  • 250 potential new maintenance plan members
  • The added revenue for those service calls that convert into new installs and replacements

Now imagine if you booked two more calls a day. Or if you have a team of, let’s say, four CSRs… imagine if each of them booked one more call a day.

What would that be worth to you?

(NOTE: Click here to get a one-page PDF for Contracting Business Owners on “How to Immediately Maximize Your Call Center Revenue”)

“But we already book a high percentage of calls…”

That’s great! But let me ask you this: how many of those customers would call you again?

Booking the call is only part of the puzzle. The other piece is convincing the caller to be a customer for life.

For that to happen you need to not only book the call but also WOW the customer. 

Specifically, your CSRs’ calls need to contain three key elements:

  1. A “WOW” First Impression (this is why we like to call CSRs the Director of First Impressions). Customers are judging you the second they hear your voice.
  2. A Genuine Connection. If the customer doesn’t like you or trust you, the best think you can hope for is a one-time service call.
  3. A Valuable Pitch. Most CSRs are great at answering the customer’s questions but terrible at asking for the appointment. You have to ask for the appointment in a way that shows your company is the solution for this caller.

It really is the simplest and easiest way to acquire more home service customers:

Book More Calls + WOW More Customers = Make More Money

your phones are easiest way to acquire more home service customers - pick them up, they make you money!

When companies adopt this simple strategy, it’s common for them to go from booking as low as 39% of their calls to as high as 95% of their calls. Because they don’t treat the phone call like a basic transaction anymore…

Instead, they treat it like a prized opportunity. They work to overcome price resistance, manage their scheduling better and treat every customer like the most important person in the world. And it drives growth in every other part of the business.

So before you say the leads are “no good,” take a good hard look at how you’re answering your phones first. One little change there could change your business forever…

(NOTE: Click here to get a one-page PDF for Contracting Business Owners on “How to Immediately Maximize Your Call Center Revenue”)

Zac Garside is the Marketing Manager for Power Selling Pros and an avid lover of eating Flamin’ Hot Cheetos and Sour Gummy Worms in the same bite.

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