Quick Tip for CSRs: LISTEN

Being CSR is NOT easy. But I have good news, being a CSR doesn’t have to be that difficult either.

Customers raise lots of hard questions, and they complain or bicker.

As a CSR, we tend to do one of two things: We either retreat, let the call go, and assume the next one will be better. Or we get really good at answering the questions and coming up with a rebuttal for everything the customer says.

There’s a third alternative though, a better way, and that is: to listen.

It’s just to simply listen to the customer and rephrase back to them in your own words what they have said.

You will find that by listening better, by creating a stronger connection, and showing the customer that you deeply understand them, your job as a CSR gets a lot easier.

When people feel heard and understood, they become easier to work with.

At Power Selling Pros, our coaches specialize in making you your job as a CSR easier, while making you indispensable as you generate more revenue for your company.

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