Acts of Excellence in Your Company

Business owners, managers, and leaders in the Home Services industry, think for a second about a moment of greatness that you have witnessed or read about in your life. A truly exceptional act that made you go, “Wow, that is amazing! That’s astonishing!”

Now when you have it, consider two things about this moment of excellence.

Number one: Was it self-directed or was the person told to do it?

Number two: was it for themselves or was it for the benefit of others?

I’m willing to bet that whatever moment you’re thinking about, it was self-directed, meaning they did it of their own free will and choice, and it was for the benefit of others. It was selfless.

This is this is the challenge with getting people in our companies and organizations to do great things. It has to be self-directed, and it has to be selfless.

By nature, if you tell someone to do something great, it’s no longer an act of greatness. It’s obedience.

You’ve got to get people to do things of their own free will and choice and out of selflessness. If you can get those two things coming from people, you’re going to have a very, very successful company for very long time.

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