The HVAC Company’s Make-Or-Break: Employee Belief-O-Meter

Growing your business starts with a dedicated team who stands behind the products and services you provide. Business owners and managers in the home services industry: does your team believe in what they are selling and offering?

Consider the pricing you charge and the service agreement you offer. If your team believes in it, you’ll have success with customers and better sales. You need to have that belief in your organization, and it starts with this acronym of ‘what’s in it for me.’ We need to make sure that our team is incentivized for making those upsells or offering additional services, that goes for technicians as well as your office staff.

Really check in with your team. In the video above, PSP Trainer Erica Leonor refers to this process as the ‘Belief-o-meter.” This measurement is the make-or-break for an HVAC company. Without high belief in what you offer, you will not grow.

Here are some questions to start that conversation and gauge your company culture:

  • What is their belief in your company?
  • Do you have a vision and core values in a mission statement that people can get behind and become engaged in?
  • Do you have that culture so that people want to stay in your company for forever?

You need to create belief in your company! And when you and your team have belief in what you are fixing or selling or offering, you’re going to be better at selling it and see huge growth.

Power Selling Pros can help you with the Belief-o-meter. Schedule a personalized strategy call today!

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