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How to Sell Maintenance Plans Over the Phone

Your team can and should sell maintenance plans over the phone, because recurring revenue is the lifeblood of any home service business. It’s how you protect yourself when things get slow.

Have you thought about who should be selling your maintenance plans? Is it just technicians on the job? No.

The answer is literally EVERYBODY in your company should be selling maintenance plans.

You should teach everyone in your office how to sell maintenance plans over the phone. When your CSRs are on the phone with customers, they should ask every time.

Here’s a simple way to sell maintenance plans over the phone.

“Mr. Jones, I noticed you are not a member of our comfort Club. People usually join our comfort club because it gives them 10% off on service. We waive service call fees. We also waive after hours fees, and we apply other special discounts to our comfort club members. I’m wondering why you’re not a member of our comfort club?”

Get the customer engaged on the phone and sign them up for a comfort club or maintenance plan, right there on the phone. Make it conversational and offer the benefits and value up front.

Your CSRs can do it. They should do it. That’s how you build recurring revenue that keeps your business safe and grows your customer base.

If you’re ready for your ENTIRE team to be selling maintenance plans over the phone, let’s talk.

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