Winning Call Handling Step 1 – Be Positive

Excellent customer service begins the instant your office phone rings. Your CSRs need to be creating a fantastic experience for your customers through their call handling. At Power Selling Pros, we have an industry-proven approach to call taking that will get your team booking more calls and winning more moments. Trainer Erica Leonor is introducing all of the critical steps in this FREE video series.


Positivity attracts people. We know this! We want to be around the cheerful, enthusiastic, excited people of life versus the Eeyore’s that we sometimes come across.

Have you ever seen the musical Hamilton? It’s on Disney plus if you need to watch it, but one of the recurring songs says, “While we’re talking, let me offer you some free advice: Talk less. Smile more.”

We could all use some more of this approach in our lives. If you need to practice positivity, here’s how: go and stand in front of a mirror and smile.

Smile when you’re introducing yourself.

“Hi, my name is Erica. I’m here to take care of your home.”

That’s practice!

First, you need to get really good at introducing yourself to people, so that the customer trusts you, feels confident in the company, and wants to bring a technician into their home. So that’s the first step: be positive and talk less, smile more.

Tune in tomorrow for Step 2, and find out EXACTLY how we can help your team start winning more moments.

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