Winning Call Handling Step 2 – Be Prepared

Excellent customer service begins the instant your office phone rings. Your CSRs need to be creating a fantastic experience for your customers through their call handling. At Power Selling Pros, we have an industry-proven approach to call taking that will get your team booking more calls and winning more moments. Trainer Erica Leonor is introducing all of the critical steps in this FREE video series.

The second principle in the pattern for excellence is be prepared.

When we go to work with customers in their homes or in their businesses, we really need to practice and make sure that we’re ready to go. The number one thing that I hear people say is, “I’m sorry.”

We get out there and the customer says, “Oh I’ve got this problem.” And we’ respond with, “Oh, I’m sorry to hear that.”

We just say sorry all the time, and it doesn’t help us sound confident.

Give your team confidence today.

Being prepared with better language and different communication in terminology is really going to help a show up with confidence instead of just saying those everyday, insincere responses like, “Oh, I’m sorry that this is happening,” or “Oh, okay. I’m here to fix that for you.”

Stop saying “I’m sorry” and stop saying “okay.” It’s not helpful.

Think about it. What if you called me and you say, “Erica, I’m super sick and I’m not feeling well.”

Then I respond, “Oh, okay. Oh, I’m sorry.”

You don’t you don’t feel like I connect with you or that I cared with you about that.

Be prepared to empathize with your customers using some other terminology like, “Oh my gosh. That sounds terrible. You’ve been dealing with this for a week!” or “Oh no, your basement is flooding. That’s not good at all!” or “Oh that sounds really frustrating!”

Be prepared so that you can sound more confident rather than just the “okays” and the “I’m sorry’s.”

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