Winning Call Handling Step 4 – Care

Excellent customer service begins the instant your office phone rings. Your CSRs need to be creating a fantastic experience for your customers through their call handling. At Power Selling Pros, we have an industry-proven approach to call taking that will get your team booking more calls and winning more moments. Trainer Erica Leonor is introducing all of the critical steps in this FREE video series.

Let’s talk about principle number four, which is care.

Empathy validates worth.

We all need to become better at having empathy for others, and a lot of times it’s really hard to know how to empathize. A lot of us have empathy, but we don’t know how to communicate empathy to other people.

The solution is this practice called, “The Art of Mirroring.”

If we are ever in doubt of how to express empathy to somebody, we can follow this method. What it means to mirror is to repeat or rephrase what the person has said.

For example, if somebody says, “My basement has been flooded for two days, and I was on vacation. I didn’t know.”

You can respond with, “Two days! And you didn’t know?”

That in a way is validating what they just said. First off, it shows that you paid attention to them. Second off, it’s building this rapport with them because you’re paying attention to these details and also agreeing to the gravity of the situation.

“Oh my gosh! Two days?”

Or maybe a customer says, “Oh, this is the fifth time this has happened.”

“Oh my gosh, the fifth time this has happened?” “

Yeah the fifth time. That’s a lot, huh?”

As you get in this habit, you can do it a couple of times in any conversation. And when you’re able to actively mirror what they say, you really build that relationship with your customer.

The customer thinks, “Wow this person truly cares about me because they’re paying attention to what I’m saying.”

It also allows them this time to point out maybe any discrepancies. Maybe they said something and you repeated it, and they say, “Oh no, I wasn’t frustrated. I was just kind of annoyed.” Mirroring and repeating gives them an opportunity to express or correct what they said.

The art of mirroring is such a good practice in method, so that you can really validate the customer’s worth and how they’re feeling.

It’s important to show care!

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