Winning Call Handling Step 6 – Ask

Excellent customer service begins the instant your office phone rings. Your CSRs need to be creating a fantastic experience for your customers through their call handling. At Power Selling Pros, we have an industry-proven approach to call taking that will get your team booking more calls and winning more moments. Trainer Erica Leonor is introducing all of the critical steps in this FREE video series.

The sixth step in the Pattern for Excellence and winning call handling is the ask principle.

Asking encourages action.

Recently, Power Selling Pros Founder and Owner Brigham Dickinson taught our team that we regularly want to hit a certain goal, a certain number, or certain kpis. We have these goals, but then what happens when we don’t hit the goals? Well, we feel awful and unmotivated. So he recommends adjusting that mindset. Instead of setting goals that we should start making promises.

We are more likely to keep our promises rather than achieving some goal.

Here’s what you need to do. Start with, “I promise to sell x amount of service agreements every single day.” That is something that I will actually follow because I promised to do it rather than, “Oh, I have a goal of selling five service agreements a day.”

Ask your team to make a promise.

Start with, “Will you clean your truck every single Friday?”

And have them say, “Yes, I will clean my truck every Friday.”

Instead of, “Oh, I have the goal to clean my truck every Friday.” Or, “I have the goal to sell an IAQ product or offer additional services on every call.”

Goals fail more than half the time, but promises – that’s our integrity on the line.

When you have something that you really need your team to focus on or if your team is falling short on certain KPIs or goals, change those goals to promises. You’re going to find that you’re going to get a lot better results and a lot more engagement.

You’re going to have a team that is focused versus, “Oh, I keep missing all my goals.” That’s not inspiring, and that doesn’t help motivation.

Make promises and stop setting so many goals.

Now’s the time to promise to invest in your business’s long-term future. How would you like to book 85% of your calls and create lifetime customers?

Accountability coaching is the next step. Are you ready to start winning more moments?

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