Winning Call Handling Step 8 – Be Grateful

Excellent customer service begins the instant your office phone rings. Your CSRs need to be creating a fantastic experience for your customers through their call handling. At Power Selling Pros, we have an industry-proven approach to call taking that will get your team booking more calls and winning more moments. Trainer Erica Leonor is introducing all of the critical steps in this FREE video series.

Our last principle in the pattern for excellence is being grateful.

If we really want to be united as co-workers and as teams, as well as united with our customers, we really need to be expressing gratitude more.

How amazing is it when somebody says “thank you” to you? It feels all good and warm and fuzzy. We want our customers to have that same feeling.

So when in doubt just say, thank you.

“Hey customer, thank you for telling me about your situation.”

“Hey, thank you for calling us.”

“Thank you for leaving a review.”

“Hey, thank you for for allowing me into your home to work on your property.”

Saying thank you to customers is so powerful! And it’s simple!

Especially if things go wrong, and we all we make mistakes, gratitude is very important. The customer is going to be more patient and understanding because they feel appreciated.

So please, focus on that gratitude more in your life – at home and on the job. Saying thank you to those around you, as well as thank you to your customers is going to positively impact your work. Just saying thank you is always a good thing. And it’s so easy to do!

The Pattern for Excellence is a framework for best practices in customer service, and your team is going to make you more money when they’re applying it on the phone and in the customer’s home.

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