How to Keep Your Team Motivated

Erica Leonor is here to talk about motivation.

Have you ever gone to a really cool conference or a concert or listened to a good book or a good song, and you were pumped up and ready to go and super excited? Well, wouldn’t it be so nice to keep that feeling with us all the time? To be inspired and motivated motivated every single day of our life?

I would love to have that feeling! I hate to break it to you though, there are going to be be days where I don’t have that feeling. There are going to be days where I’m not motivated or inspired, and I’m just going to go through the motions. That’s just part of life.

So when we’re working with our teams, knowing that we’re not always going to keep them pumped, motivated, and inspired every single day, what do we do? How do we help them be engaged and stay active in their roles and to take care of their responsibilities in the business?

The answer to this question is to get them training. Invest in training from the experts in your field and training on the habits and behaviors and practices that are going to help them to be the most successful.

Get your team the training that they need so that when those days hit where they’re not feeling it, they still have the habits formed of the best practices and that they’re really performing at their highest potential. Hold them accountable so they know they’re doing a good job, even if they’re not feeling it today.

In order to get them to have those best practices and those habits where they really make a difference, you’ve got to get them the training from the experts in whatever particular field that is.

If you need help with the customer experience, employee experience, or leadership engagement, you’re in the right place!

We have a great accountability program set to help your teams be engaged and motivated when they’re not feeling motivated and help them perform at their best.

We have a lot of amazing resources for you. We want to share them. So let’s talk!

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