Introverted Technicians

How many of your technicians love to fix stuff but they hate to upsell? Or how many of them can diagnose like it’s nobody’s business but they never offer service agreements? Or sometimes they maybe leave the customer’s home without saying goodbye. I know that this happens, and it’s probably because the majority of your team are introverted.

What’s great about introverts is that they are 70% listeners. You don’t have to be an extrovert to awesome with sales. We know that the best salespeople are good listeners. So introverts really do make the best salespeople because you spend the majority of your time listening. All you have to do is be really good at asking questions and directing the conversation. They’re 20% thinkers and then 10% talkers.

Myers Briggs has the statistic that 54% of the male population are introverts. That means 54% of your technicians are probably introverted, which is great. That’s totally fine. They’re great listeners. 40% of the population in general are introverts and then 70% of CEOs and business owners are introverts. That’s you!

You are the president and CEO. You’re the business owner. You probably started your company in your garage. You got out there because you love the trades, you love to fix stuff, and you were good at it. You’re great with working with your hands, and then you start this business. And now you got to get other people to sell for you and trying to get other introverts to do the thing that was hard for you to do can be hard, too.

None of us ever want to be the creepy sales person, and I don’t want you to be the creepy salesperson. I never want homeowners to feel like they’re getting taken advantage of or they’re going to get ripped off. What I want us to do is be in the business of serving customers.

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