Don’t Make Your Customers the Enemy

A mistake companies should NEVER make is best illustrated by an experience my wife had this week.

She stopped at the dollar store with my kids. The dollar store has tons of great toys for little kids, and my son sees these toys, so he’s asking for one, “Please, please please. Can I have a toy?”

My wife says, “No buddy, I’m sorry. We’re not getting any toys today.”

But then an employee at the dollar store comes up and gives my son one of the toys off the shelf, and mind you, it’s not for free. We still have to pay for it. She takes one off the shelf and gives it to my son.

My wife’s a little distraught because she just said no, but the employee still gave it to my son. So now my wife has to take the toy away, put it back on the shelf, and my three-years-old throws a tantrum because he just got this toy, and now we’re taking it away.

Then what does the Dollar Store employee say?

“Sorry buddy. Your mom said no. She said you can’t have it.”

She makes my wife look like the bad guy. She paints my wife as the enemy!

And if there’s any mistake you should absolutely be avoiding: it’s to make your customers look like the enemy. It’s to blame them for bad experience.

If you blame your customers or if you make them look like the bad guy or the enemy when things go south, the only reason they will come back to your business again is because you have a low price, and if you have a low price, you also get low profit.

Don’t make your customers look like the enemy.

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