You are Worth the Price You Charge

I recently trained a company, and they’re facing a problem that a lot of contractors face: they don’t charge for their service calls. They don’t charge to do an inspection in a customer’s home.

Now, this is a pain point because every time they go out to a customer’s home, and the customer says not to move forward with the work, the company’s losing a lot of money.

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So what’s the root of the problem? Is it that customers won’t pay the fee? Or is it that the employees in the company don’t believe that the company can charge a fee? Is it that the company’s employees don’t have faith or they don’t see themselves as valuable enough to charge for their inspections?

You and your people are valuable enough.

You need to take credit for the work you do.

You should be charging to go out and do a service call because you’re worth it, because the customers not just getting an inspection, they’re getting you. They are getting your people. They’re getting your expertise.

Don’t compare yourself to other companies in the market.

Don’t give a free service call just because other companies are charging you think that will get you more customers.

Charge the price you are worth because you are worth it. And because if you believe in that and if you show customers you’re worth it, they will buy from you.

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