3 Things Your Techs NEED to Talk to Homeowners About

There are three things your technicians need to speak with homeowners about every time they are in a customer’s home to improve your customer loyalty.

1. Identify the Problem

What’s going on? Identify the problem. Most technicians already do this.

You simply ask the customer, “What’s going on?”

They tell you that the air conditioner is broken or there’s a leaky faucet or the toilet is backed up.

This is something most technicians already do, but most technicians also stop here.

The best technicians, the ones who set themselves apart from everyone else, go even further.

And that brings us to number two.

2. Identify the story.

Find the story that led to this problem. How did they discover it? What caused it?

If the customer tells you their story, if they can feel understood by you in that way, they’re going to be a lot more loyal to your company. They’re less likely to shop around.

3. Identify the feelings.

What emotions has this story created in their life?

Maybe they were planning a big family get together, then they discovered clogged toilet on the main floor of the home, and they had to call it off.

Now they’re embarrassed or they’re ashamed or they’re scared or they’re fearful or they might have hurt people’s feelings by calling this off.

If you can identify not just what the problem is, but also the story that led to it and the emotions and the feelings that’s causing in the customer’s life, they’re not going to price shop you.

They’re not going to go somewhere else because it’s much more difficult to price shop someone who understands you and your story and your feelings than it is to price shop someone who only knows what piece of your home needs to be fixed because anybody can figure that out.

We can train your technicians to build that customer loyalty through identifying the problem, story and feelings.

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