Why Your Business Priorities are Fake

Here’s a fascinating bit of information I learned reading The Hustle newsletter this week.

It is that the word priorities (ending in S; the plural version of priority), priorities is a relatively new word.

The Hustle stated, “Priorities was practically non-existent before the factory boom following World War II, before that only the singular version of the word priority was widely used.”

Now here is where you’re going to get a real punch to the gut.

“The idea of multiple priorities as an illusion. Two things can be important, but they can’t be the most important. When people say they have multiple priorities, what they’re really saying is that they have a hard time prioritizing.”

So ask yourself, ask your team: what’s your priority, as in one thing?

What’s the one thing right now that you and your CSRs, your technicians, your other office staff, the other people you have working with your company, what’s the one thing each of you can do to create the greatest impact on your company?

What’s the one thing that will lead to 80% of the results?

Identify the one thing, focus on the one thing, and watch amazing things happen in your business.

If your priority is making more money, give us a call.

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