The Power of Pre-Framing: How it’s Affecting Your Company Right Now

There’s this little concept in advertising called pre-framing. Pre-framing is how you get your customers into a certain state of mind before they call your company or before they visit your website.

Pre-framing explains why Google reviews are so powerful, because if somebody sees five 1-star reviews on your Google rankings or your Google reviews, they’re going to call you with a little bit of skepticism. They’re going to call you thinking you might not be that good at what you do, or they’re going to call you thinking they can get a low price out of you because you have bad reviews.

On the other hand, if they see lots of positive reviews, the pre-frame is setting you up for success. It is setting you up so that when they call you they’re expecting to be wowed. They’re expecting a world-class service.

Pre-frame is powerful.

This is why your CSRs have such an important job because your CSRs are setting up the pre-frame before your technician goes out.

The experience the CSR creates on the phone either sets the technician up for success or puts them at a disadvantage.

If it’s a bad experience, it puts the technician in a position where they have to compensate, overcompensate even. So make sure that your CSRs are creating an amazing experience over the phone, one that puts the customer in the right frame of mind, so that when the technician gets there the customer is expecting to be wowed. Then, the customer’s already inclined to say yes and buy from your company.

Start training your CSRs to deliver WOW experiences on EVERY phone call.

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