Our Best Customer Service Advice in Five Words

We had 12 coaches from Power Selling Pros offer their best customer service advice in five words. Most of them stuck to the brief.

Here’s what they had to say!

  1. Precious: Always talk with a smile.
  2. Marta: Why say no when yes sounds so good?
  3. Sabrina: Empathy is everything.
  4. Amanda: Be present and engaged.
  5. Beth: Never throw under the bus.
  6. Tatiana: Focus on what you can do.
  7. Nathan: Make sure your team knows you appreciate them.
  8. Diane: Rapport builds trust.
  9. Derek: Price is never the reason for a no.
  10. Melanie: Value is more important than the price.
  11. Melissa: Always be willing to learn.

What would your advice be?

That has been five words or less from 12 PSP coaches.

Find the best coach for your CSR team.

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