What Customers Want in a CSR

Gladly did a survey called, “The Customer Expectations Report” this year, 2020, where they surveyed 1500 customers and asked what they care about most in a customer service representative that they talk to.

There were lots of different options, lots of different answers that people gave, things from trusted advisor to a close friend to someone who listens and sees them and hears them.

But the #1 thing that customers said they care about in a CSR is that they are an empowered problem solver.

In other words, they’re not looking for scripted customer service agents or people who can’t think outside the box or are just going to do what they’re told.

They’re looking for people who are empowered to think critically, intuitively and solve a problem for the customer.

Go back to your CSRs, take a look at your scripting, your process, and ask yourself, “Are we creating empowered problem solvers here or scripted robots?”

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