3 Steps to Make Your Business Succeed with Customer Service

We’ve seen contractors just like you pull their business through recession like times, times where they thought they were going to lose everything, on the back of their amazing customer service.

Here’s how you can do it, too, in three steps.

Step 1

You need to install a predictable customer engagement framework that is proven to help you create the best customer experience in your market.

This framework should show your CSRs what to do and how to do it without having to follow a robotic script.

It should train their instinct and intuition.

Step 2

You need to implement a consistent method of accountability so that your team actually achieves the results, something your team can count on and not be offended by, because how often have your team members resisted feedback because you’re the boss?

It’s like a mother or father telling their kid to clean their room, and the kid never does it, but suddenly when the cool uncle comes in, now they’re going to do it.

You need accountability

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Step 3

You need to regularly and consistently inspire them, remind them why this effort matters. You need to inspire them to exceed all customer expectations. This is about, again, training their intuition.

By following these three steps, you can teach your CSRs how to book your calls and wow your customers, without relying on robotic scripting. Your customer service team can pull your business through tough times.

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