How Accountability Coaching Works and a Special November Offer!

If you’re not already enrolled in our one-on-one CSR coaching programs, you should be! When you enroll in the month of November, in addition to your initial training with our team, you’ll also get an additional FREE training.

Still not sure? Here’s what we do:

1. We teach your people the Pattern for Excellence.

It is a proven, customer engagement framework for the next generation of small businesses. It is principle-based, and it shows your CSRs what to do and how to do it to book your calls and wow your customers, without relying on robotic scripting.

2. We hold them accountable to results with twice a month coaching sessions.

Every other week we get on the phone with them, and we hold them accountable. We teach them lessons, and we listen to their recorded calls with them to make sure they implement what they’re learning in their actual calls.

3. We train and coach our own trainers and coaches.

Nobody is above coaching, everyone deserves a coach, and we teach them how to inspire your people and motivate them to want to change.

If you sign up for CSR coaching through Power Selling Pros, in addition to your initial training with our team, you’ll can choose an additional training totally free.

Here are the options:

  1. Internal Communication Between CSRs, Dispatchers, and Technicians
  2. Positive Mindset Training
  3. How to Make Revenue-Generating Happy Calls to Your Customers.

Sign up for Power Selling Pros CSR coaching over the month of November, and you get one of these trainings free of charge.

But hurry, this offer expires at the end of the month!

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