3 Things You NEED to Know About Today’s Customers

Back in the day, you used to be able to succeed by providing good service, in a timely manner, at an affordable price, and then call it a day. But that’s not the case anymore.

Today’s customer landscape is – let’s just say unique – in history. Consider these findings by Gladly in their 2020 Customer Expectations Report. They interviewed 1500 customers in this report and 31% of those customers are millennials. Here’s what you need to know about your customers today:

1. Customers expect their CSRs to be empowered problem solvers

They do not want scripted robots or even trusted advisors. They want empowered problem solvers to help them now. That’s hard to do with robotic scripting, so you need a framework of best practices. Our pattern for excellence can help empower your team.

2. 51% of customers switch brands after just one or two bad experiences.

That’s all it takes! Just one or two little moments where we mess up, for the customer to want to go somewhere else.

It’s critical that everyone in your organization is delivering a wow experience, which leads us to the next important thing you need to know.

3. 84% of customers will go out of their way to spend more money with a brand that creates wow experiences for them.

Customers are willing to pay what you’re worth. You can teach your CSRs how to book your calls and wow your customers, without relying on robotic scripting. You can empower them to deliver wow experiences, and in return, your customer service team can pull your business through tough times.

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