Your Team CAN Change

Imagine if you had a reliable method for turning all of your CSRs into empowered problem solvers like customers want, eliminating bad customer experiences and easily converting those one-time customers into lifelong clients, recurring revenue clients.

Imagine a method that doesn’t rely on robotic scripting or forced micromanagement to make amazing things happen in your company.

What would all that be worth to you?

We’ll be the first to admit, it’s not easy to do this.

It’s not easy because of the habits that currently exist in your company. It’s not easy because making changes might actually cause performance dips in the short run. Old habits do die hard. And is not easy because your people need to want to change.

You can’t force your employees to change. You can’t do it against their will. There has to be real motivation, an inspiring why to rethink how you engage your customers for our current day and age.

But we’ve seen it happen.

We know that it’s possible.

We’ve seen it in companies that go from booking 39% to 83% of their phone calls. We’ve seen it in companies that renew 55 customers to recurring maintenance agreements in a five-day period, while they’re sick. We’ve seen CSRs who’ve been in the business for 37 years be motivated to change.

Everyone deserves a coach, even our own coaches and trainers, so we teach them how to inspire your people and motivate them to want to change.

If you sign up for CSR coaching through Power Selling Pros, in addition to your initial training with our team, you’ll can choose an additional training totally free.

Here are the options:

  1. Internal Communication Between CSRs, Dispatchers, and Technicians
  2. Positive Mindset Training
  3. How to Make Revenue-Generating Happy Calls to Your Customers.

Sign up for Power Selling Pros CSR coaching over the month of November, and you get one of these trainings free of charge.

But hurry, this offer expires at the end of the month!

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