What NOT to Say When Answering the Phone

Nine of Power Selling Pros customer service experts bring you training on what NOT to say to your customers.

What they’re covering today is: what not to say when you first answer the phone.

So, what should we not say?

  1. “Where are you located?”
  2. “We don’t give pricing here.”
  3. “I don’t know. Let me check.”
  4. “We are really swamped today.”
  5. “I’m sorry, we’re booked up.”
  6. “We don’t do that here.”
  7. “Can you please hold?”
  8. “What is your address?”
  9. “How may I direct your call?”

Yes, all of these things are disastrous for those first initial connections that you’re making with your customers. That’s why we want to help your CSR team grow and book more calls, win more moments with those customers, and help you make more money.

Schedule a free strategy call today, and let’s help your team master exactly what to say to your customers.

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