Don’t Just Take Our Word For It

As a business, the biggest compliment we can receive is from our very own customers. Tracy and Mark from Albright Mechanical Services have some thoughts and their experience working with Power Selling Pros and think you should give our coaching program a try, too!


“Hey guys, my name is Tracy, and this is Mark. We’re from Albright’s Mechanical Services. We just wanted togo over how Power Selling Pros has helped our customer service in the past couple years since we’ve been using them.

Basically, I will tell you that it has brought us closer to our customers as far as the relationships and then also our customer service percentage with booking calls and wowing customers just totally went up, so I think we’re doing a really good job.

And as far as our coach Erica, she’s really giving us some good information as far as our call flow – what to ask what not to ask and everything to do in regards to our customers and even angry customers. So it’s just been really great working with her the past couple years as far as for our customer service. Let’s see if Mark has anything to say.”


“Yeah, absolutely. So for me, it’s been a really nice transition coming from my old company into this company because I’m fairly new so I have been able to learn our call flow as well as how to wow and build the value for our customers, so that’s a big deal for me.

Like Tracy said with working with Erica, it’s been a joy. At first I was worried like, “This is going to bore me.” But no, I actually look forward to talking to her every two weeks and the training and everything new that she gives us with that. I’m averaging like a 97% call rate book. So that in itself for me is a win.”


“It’s definitely an experience because before we started with Power Selling Pros, you would have customers call and just asking for prices, and you would just give it to them over the phone and then boom, they would just hang up. They would just be calling and searching prices for different things. But as far as now since we have the call flow when customers call, and they ask for a price right off the bat, of course, we’re going to go into something and we’re going to ask questions. And then most of the time with those customers, we end up actually booking the call. So it helps us out a lot, especially in slow times that a lot of HVAC and plumbing companies do have. It really helps out a lot.

It’s just brought us closer to everything and I even particularly use a lot of the things that I’ve learned in my personal life, as far as like, I have two kids. So therefore trying to have to say no to them is quite difficult. However, it does work. You just have to learn how to talk to them and deal with it. It comes in handy as far as work deal with customers and your home life or your personal life.

It’s been a pleasure dealing with Power Selling Pros, and I can’t wait to continue with them, even though I’m already certified. Mark just started his his coaching. So I’m excited to see how he’s going to further along in the program as well.

“So you guys really should give Power Selling Pros a try. They’re great people to work with, and they will really help your business out.”

Tracy, Albright Mechanical

You heard her, we will really help your business out.

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