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Pattern For Excellence

Brigham Dickinson, author of Pattern for Excellence: Engage Your Team to WOW More Customers, talks about what the ‘pattern of excellence’ is all about: being the best, taking your job seriously and showing people how to provide a great service to someone else. Dickinson recalls that writing the book came as “an accident,” after losing his marketing software business in the downturn economy of 2008. He became a student of the industry and began keeping a journal about all the things he learned, gathering enough valuable insight to write a book applicable to anyone who wants to be a perfectionist. The goal, Dickinson says, is to “take every moment you have and go above and beyond” in order to find fulfillment in your work while serving others.

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Engage Your Team To WOW More Customers!

Unlock Your Team's Potential!

​​​​"The Pattern For Excellence" is the KEY to unlocking your team's potential! It has helped many in the Home Service Industry change the way they do business. By applying these principles your team will experience an incredible change. You will "Book More Calls, Make More Money & WOW More Customers!"